Webcast: Using GitLab to power citizen journalism

I hope you’ll consider joining our upcoming webcast with the Colmena project:

In an increasingly crowded media ecosystem, finding an audience—and being heard—can be difficult, especially for indigenous communities with limited access to global platforms. But using the open source Colmena project, anyone can collaboratively plan, record, edit, and distribute hyperlocal and community-focused media that reaches worldwide audiences. Join us to learn how members of the Colmena community use GitLab to help people find their voices, tell their stories, and help their communities.

:date: 2023-05-04
:timer_clock: 12:00 UTC / 14:00 CEST

Note that registration is required. If you’ve got questions for the Colmena team, please add them to this thread and I’ll be sure to pose them during the conversation!

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A recording of this webcast is now available for immediate playback.