Weird link when opening a web-pages url

Hi all,

A few hours ago I defined the web-page for a new project. In the past I’ve defined multiple web-pages, and they’re all reachable using an url like When opening such a link the web browser shows that url in its search window.

However, for the latest project such a search url still works OK, but when the page is opened the web browser shows a location like

Apparently the web-page is correctly accessed, but the shown url is weird.

Maybe somebody has a suggestion about what may have gone wrong and how to change the displayed url to the way the other ones are displayed?


As it turns out a stackoverflow question was answered on Oct 26, 2023:
(Unexpected GitLab page URL - Stack Overflow). If it occurs to you: login at gitlab, open the project’s repository page, select Pages, then deselect (de-activate) ‘Use unique domain’: the url of your web-pages page changes to the standard form (something like, and you’ll probably have to clean your browser’s search history.