What are the limitations of self managed gitlab free version

I wanted to know what are the limitations of free version of self managed gitlab.
Does it provide all the features and integrations capabilities
Any limit on number of users which can access it
For how long we can use free version

Hey there,

The main difference between GitLab Free version (CE - Community Edition) and the others (EE - Enterprise Edition) is the amount of features. Full list with feature comparison you can find here.

There is no limitation on amount of users, neither time limits.

If you’re self-hosting, then there is of course no limit on CI/CD minutes, storage, etc.

For my experience, GitLab CE is great for start. If you realize with time that you need some advanced features, you can always upgrade.

Hope this helps!

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thanks for the reply.
So can we integrate free version with jira…any idea?
Also any idea if we can migrate data from other repo tool to gitlab free version

GitLab ↔ Jira
Yes. But the limits depend on how you host your GitLab instance and if you’re using Jira server or cloud… You can check out this page.

E.g. if your GitLab is not publicly exposed and you’re using Jira Cloud, then it’s way more limited because you need to use webhooks. So, it’s way easier if both is either “on cloud” / public or “self-hosted”.

Project migration
There are a few supported tools that are listed here (if you mean whole project migration). There is also an “Import” button on GitLab when you create a new project, but I personally didn’t try it out.

But, if you have just a few git repos, and you really care only about what’s versioned in git (branches, etc), then you can also do it manually:

  • create new project in GitLab (without git initialization)
  • pull all the branches/tags from the other remote repo to your local repo (that you care about / want to transfer)
  • add a second origin URL to match your new project on GitLab
  • push everything to second origin URL
    (some example)

My suggestion would be to spin up a test instance with docker (quite easy to set up and get running) on a test VM and test out all of those features you’re worried about :slight_smile: