What do i need to browse gitlab artefacts?

Hello everyone,
we are running a gitlab instance in our company network.
12.6.4 Gitlab is running on ubuntu server.
gitlab-ee 12.6.4-ee.0 amd64 GitLab Enterprise Edition (including NGINX, Postgres, Redis)

We recently stated to us CI/CD and stumbled upon possiblity to browse atefacts. However i’m confused how does it work:

  1. According to
    Note: This guide is for Omnibus GitLab installations. If you have installed GitLab from source, see GitLab Pages administration for source installations.

So it means that when i install from package it’s already 'included" ? Or do i need to install it explicitly from sources from gitlab repository?
How do i turn it on ?

  1. The documentation for gitlab pages is oriented on public directory. However my aim is to browse artefacts. Or do i need to put artefacts into public directory for it to work ?

Thank you for any help!

Hi there,

Please find the documentation corresponding to GitLab artifacts here

FYI: There is another feature to download the most recent job’s artifacts of a pipeline - please find this doc

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Hello sshaik,
thank you for the reply, i have seen that document, however it doesn’t respond to my question.

Do i need to install the daemon separately ?

Our aim is to browse it, not to download it.

Thank you.