What does the paid GitLab monthly sub give me?


I haven’t had a response to this post yet but I am interested in developing a General Purpose Jekyll Nested Accordion Theme - if I take out the paid sub to GitLab, will that get me some help with developing my Theme?


@philip_rhoades Just to clarify, are you asking if GitLab itself would assist you in developing this theme if you purchased a subscription? Unfortunately, assisting with development matters is outside of the scope of support that GitLab itself can offer, so we would not be able to.

If there is a feature within a higher tier of GitLab that would assist you in the development of this theme though then it could be worth exploring an upgrade anyway.

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I am not sure what that means exactly but I suspect what I am thinking of does not fit into that category . . I just thought that another Jekyll theme that was essentially an information wiki - but using a nice looking, nested, indented, Accordion structure would be useful for other people besides me.

I am running out of time trying to do this myself though so I am thinking of paying a GitLab / Jekyll guru to create it for me and then GItLab can provide it as another theme if it thinks it is worthwhile - any suggestions for a GitLab / Jekyll guru looking for a couple of hours work? (which will save me taking a chance on competency with a guess on Freelancer . .).