What happens if some subgroups or repos in a private group are public?

Is it possible to have a public subgroup inside a private group? Or public repos inside private groups?



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Making a subgroup public makes it visible publicly, but does not make any of the projects in it visible unless they are public. Making a project public in a private group cannot be done. A subgroup cannot be public if its parent is not also public.

Ah, thanks! So, if I have a public repo in a subgroup, someone can find it in search, but they can’t click on the nav breadcrumb that would take them to the subgroup itself, right?



Clicking the breadcrumb will take them to the group, but they won’t be able to see anything in it that’s not public. So, they WILL be able to see any non-confidential epics in the group, members of the group, issues from public projects.

Thanks, that makes a lot of sense.


Acutally I realized I mis-spoke above. The top level group that I tested with was already public. If a project is in a private sub-group, you cannot make a project in that private subgroup public. Incorrect initial response corrected. My apologies.

Again, very sorry for the initial incorrect information, but it did point out to me that at some point I made my top level group public when that wasn’t how I want it.

No worries, it also confirms to me that these structures are never quite as simple as they seem! Thanks for the help.

Is it possible to have a private project, aliased into a public group+public project?