What is the best way to 'tag' projects and be able to filter on that?

I’m using self-managed GitLab and every project has a setting for comma separated list of Topics. However, I don’t see a way to search or filter on those topics.

Suppose I tag all projects that are “in production” with a topic called “Production”. How would I search or show all projects with that topic?

If there is not a way, can it be done with a badge or some other way? The only thing I see at the project level is search by name.

We use groups for our different teams so I don’t want to use groups for this purpose, but I would like to tag projects that are in production (means they follow certain processes and controls) and also tag by which of our platforms the project runs on.


I think you’re looking for GitLab explore, or if it’s just projects that you own, maybe just search. TBH these aren’t GitLab’s strongest features.

Good suggestions. Yes, this is just project we own on our self-managed instance.

Looks like ‘search’ and ‘explore’ do not include text from the topic field in the results list.

Right, there is an issue up for this - if you upvote and comment on it, that will make the issue more likely to be scheduled for resolution. Some of the related issues mentioned on that page may well also be useful to you.

Didn’t see this before, but next to the Explore Projects there is an Explore Topics. I’ll need to check and see if we get that in our next self-managed version upgrade.