What log files should I be examining to determine why a Docker container upgrade is causing the repositories and db to be cleared

TLDR; Gitlab 13.1.11 to 13.5.4 Docker container upgrade causing repositories and database to be cleared. Where do I find more information as to what is going on?

Docker production on Gitlab (docker) 13.1.11 PostgreSQL 12.5. Mirrored to UAT server and launched without issue. Changed docker container on UAT to 13.5.4. Waited for migrations etc, came up with no visible errors in container log. navigated to site, and found “Create new root password” screen.

Created new root thinking it might have been reset in the upgrade. All repositories, users, and groups are empty on login.


  • No errors in the container log in the migration. (sudo docker logs gitlab | grep error)
  • found ./gitlab/logs folder and the JSON logs, been working with JQ to try and get more information but I am lost.

Thanks in advance.