What risks may appear when upgrading Gitlab-CE Omnibus 7.14.2 to 9.1.0

My company are using Gitlab-CE 7.14.2 omnibus for more than 400 projects. I have upgraded test server from backup of 7.14.2 to lastest 9.1.0 is successed. All function are fine.
But i dont know What risks may appear when upgrading?
Are there any tests to ensure that it does not affect existing projects? Please suggest for me any testcase. Thank everyone very much.

From my view I can suggest following test cases where you will have impact only if you are using following features:

  1. Usage of runner tokens for cloning projects. Following are the links where you can find more information on the above.

  2. Change in the GITLAB CI variables. Reference.

  3. If you are using audit events menu option for a project then this has been missed out in latest release.
    Refer: https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ee/issues/2250
    There is an alternative also for this:

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Hi there,

Firstly,I am new to GitLab. Few days back, I have followed manually update process as in http://docs.gitlab.com/omnibus/update/README.html#updating-from-gitlab-66-and-higher-to-the-latest-version . After I have done the manual update on test server. I have lost previous data and I don’t know how to get back all the data. This is freaking me out, not sure how to get the data back on new version either. It seems you have updated your test server successfully can you please help me out If possible?


thank you, i will try it.

Unfortunately, you may have lost your data. But you can try the following way:

  1. Downgrade gitlab to original version http://docs.gitlab.com/omnibus/update/README.html#reverting-to-gitlab-6-6-x-or-later
  2. Testing gitlab’s functions and data.