When are repositories under gitlab-sattelites updated?

I need to grant some web client read-only access to the master branch of some repositories of my Gitlab CE server. While browsing the Gitlab data, I found out that there is a folder gitlab-satellites, which seems to contain a copy of the current master branch of all my repositories.

I committed a change to a repository, but the satellite folder was not immediately updated.

Can you please tell me when the satellites are updated, and if this could be triggered manually as well?

Thanks in advance

Satellites are used for merge requests and the web editor. See the architecture diagram at http://doc.gitlab.com/ce/development/architecture.html#components

Although it is intended to drop this architecture in the future.

thank you for the overview, I didn’t know it yet and it is useful to understand the architecture.

Anyways, I haven’t found an answer (or I didn’t understand the flow) to the update question: What exactly triggers a git pull on a satellite (if possible)?