When comparing tags, the dropdown is truncated, missing latest tags

Using Gitlab 13.11.4-ce (recent update from 12.8.6)

When going to “Compare” on a repo : https://gitlab.mydomain/group/my-project/-/compare, there are two dropdowns to choose things to compare. Example :


Since the update, the dropdown is truncated. On the screenshot you can see 189.RELEASE as topmost tag, yet the repo contains more than 500.

Interestingly : one can fill manually an arbitrary value, not present in the dropdown. So, it’s a kind of workaround.

When doing so, it behaves “as if” the “filter by git revision” forget to actually look for things matching the entered string. ( = it doesn not fnd existing tags that are not in the displayed list)

Also, editing manually the url to set the compared tags works : comparison works.

I wonder if I’m missing something obvious,
to me it looks like a UI bug in the dropdown. If so, where would I be supposed to open an issue ?


looks like the bug is already identified