When I commit a change or run CI/CD pipeline, script keeps triggering non-stop

I new to gitlab. When I commit a change in my branch or when I run the CI/CD pipeline it keeps triggering my script (snaplogic api call) back to back to back… each is successful, but I’m lost on why it keeps triggering multiple instances of the same job. I expect it to run once and be done.

Hi @n_diji-v

I am not sure if you mean that it creates multiple jobs during single pipeline? If so could you post a screenshot of the pipeline run?

Otherwise, pipeline is created for each commit or manual Pipeline run from UI.

Thanks for your quick response. Yes, when I commit a change, it creates multiple jobs during single pipeline. The first job is executed my user account, but all subsequent execution is executed by the project bot account… and there are tons of them (like an infinite loop). After spending all night last night on google, I found a solution that worked. I added an except clause in the yml file to skip executions by the project bot. Here’s the updated yml: