Where are the permissions for adding user applications?

We have a self-hosted gitlab solution and are trying to integrate a third-party application. For that we created a new account and wanted to set up a new application. But we were greeted by the following screen:

‘Adding new applications is disabled in your GitLab instance. Please contact your Gitlab administrator to get the permission’

I have an admin account and have looked everywhere to set this permission but can’t find it. In my own account it is also impossible to add an application, but in the admin area the possibility is there.

In the pricing table there does not seem to be any option that adds this feature so I don’t think it is a blocked feature.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Can you verify if the checkbox Allow users to register any application to use GitLab as an OAuth provider is unchecked and if it is can you check it, save the new setting and try again?

You can find the checkbox under Admin Area -> Settings -> General -> Account and limit -> User OAuth applications.