Where can i find the 3 build scripts for gitlab ce used in gitlab ci?


I’m currently trying to setup gitlab ci to test my Merge requests for gitlab.
Where can i find the build scripts for the Spinach, Jasmine and rspec jobs?
Before the latest release i was able to take a look at those when viewing the settings of the official gitlabci project.
But this doesn’t seem to work anymore.
The docs only mention a very small build script that is not split into the 3 parts.

Also: What phantomjs version should be used?

says 1.8.1
but this:

says 1.9.7

Thanks for raising this. I have placed here all the scripts that are used in gitlab ci. As for the Jasmine version go with the latest, I guess.

Thank you :smile:
So latest phantomjs version it is then.
This should probably be changed in the docs then, because two different versions is very confusing.