Where can I view my usage on the gitlab hosted version

I’m looking into migrating our pipelines into Gitlab because I love the hosted version but I can’t find a way to see my total build minutes. I know I should have around 2000 with the free plan but how can I keep track of that?

I’ve seen you can do it from the self-hosted version in the admin area but I would need it in the web is there really no way to see that?

@faperreault Your CI minute usage for your personal account can be viewed from the settings page here. If you need to check your usage for a group that you’re an owner of, you’ll want to navigate to the Settings -> Pipeline Quota section of that group.

If you want to go directly to that page for a group the URL would look like this: https://gitlab.com/groups/GROUP_NAME_HERE/-/pipeline_quota

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Thanks so much !

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