Where is gitlab dashboard page?

Hi everyone!

I tried to use gitlab, but cannot just go the first step: open the dashboard page that manages everything. I cannot understand where it is.

I installed gitlab on Debian system by the apt way. Then I run gitlab-ctl reconfigure and gitlab-ctl restart. Everything seems OK, but the page referred by external_url cannot be visited. Then I tried comment out the external_url line, and reconfigure&restart, and tried to visit localhost. It don’t have an accessible page either.

I have read documentation about setup and configuration steps, but still can’t find where is the dashboard page. It make me feels that I don’t know a everyone-know-secret.

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Hi jiandingzhe,

I see you have already followed proper steps to install GitLab.
Would it be possible to share below information, and i believe checking below information can help you to identify the cause of this issue.

Please post the output of below commands, these commands can be run on production environment:

to check process running or not:
ps -ef | grep -n gitlab

to check hostname of machine:

to verify hostname of machine:
cat /etc/hosts

to check url for GitLab:
cat /gitlab/gitlab.rb | grep external_url

to check port is open for GitLab or not:
netstat -tlpn

to check selinux status:

to check any firewall enabled or not:
iptables --list


Yes this solves. I just forgot that the external_url can be directly set to IP address.

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