Where to obtain latest version of GitLab-CE 10 omnibus to upgrade from 10.2.5?

Hi all,

Where can I find and download the omnibus version of GitLab 10 and installation instructions (I believe it’s GitLab CE 10.8.7)?

I’m planning an upgrade for GitLab CE (omnibus) from 10.2.5… all the way to the current stable version (GitLab 14). I am planning and upgrade path and see that according the instructions (Upgrade GitLab by using the GitLab package | GitLab), I need to upgrade to the latest version of GitLab 10 first ( I think v10.8.7).

I run the GitLab CE on RHEL 7.X, single node installation, downtime is acceptable. Thanks in advance!

Hi, you can find them here:

the link is filter for 10.8 and el/7. You can amend these values once the page has loaded and search for other versions required as well. The upgrade path you can follow here: Upgrading GitLab | GitLab

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