Which repositories are selectable as "template repository"?

Hi, all we are currently experimenting with the “template repository” feature and are quite happy with it.

However, we have encountered a behaviour we cannot explain and I was hoping for some background intel.

So, to break it down let’s assume we had the following structure:

- groupA
-- repositoryAA
-- repositoryAB
- groupB
-- subgroupBA
--- repositoryBAA
--- repositoryBAB
-- subgroupBB
-- repositoryBA
-- repositoryBB

Now let us assume “repositoryBAB” contained our issue templates.

Usage in groupA is no problem, “repositoryBAB” can be selected as “template repository”.
The problem arises when groupB tries to use the repository, as it is not selectable - only “repositoryBA” and “repositoryBB” are available.
For “subgroupBA” both repositories below it are available (“repositoryBAA” and “repositoryBAB”) but no repositories outside of it.

Is there any explanation for this behaviour? Or is this a bug?