Why can't Gitlab support multi-version updates?

Is there no way to package in support for allowing multi-version upgrades?
At least a few of the hops back. Simply not possible?

I’m assuming you are talking about upgrades of GitLab itself.

If you’re talking about normal upgrades, you have to take all the steps listed in the recommended upgrade path. Those versions include migrations that has to happen if GitLab is to continue working. Some of those steps are across multiple versions, and while I guess it’s technically possible to include multiple migrations in one version, you would also have to include logic to make sure they only happen if needed and in the right order (and there are probably things I haven’t thought of).

If you’re talking about the so-called “Zero downtime upgrades” (the downtime is not zero), where you have to “upgrade one minor release at a time”, I don’t know the technical reason behind that limitation, but if you care enough about your installation to use that I can’t see how you would get far enough behind that it would be a problem.

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