Why can't I upload my dotenv file?

I have a pipeline in which I create a dotenv file.
I’ve validated on my personnal computer that this dotenv file is a valid one.
But when I add the artifact section like this

      - jfrog.valid.env
      dotenv: jfrog.valid.env

All I get is this error message:

WARNING: Uploading artifacts as "dotenv" to coordinator... failed id=630519372 responseStatus=400 Bad Request status=400 Bad Request token=nzDtBhxW

My dotenv file mainly contains usernames and passwords that I need to use in subsequent calls.

Also notice this run on a private company runner, maybe it has an impact ?

So, what can I do to have it working ?

Obviously, the issue was on my side.
As it appears, my .env file contained a DOCKER_AUTH token, which which value ends with a = sign. It seems like this equals sign in a value is forbidden by the used dotenv validator, which refused the upload.

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@Riduidel Thanks for coming back to the forum to share updates!