Why do I have 2 url to access my blog?


Why do I have 2 url to access my blog?

and my google domains config

Right now I have removed the rubn0x52.com domain from gitlab.

But I am sure that even this persists.

Every GitLab pages website has its URL, in for of https://<user>.gitlab.io/<project>. Moreover, you can add a CNAME to use your preferred domain.

That’s normal and expected. Why would you like just one domain?

HI rpadovani,

Ok that’s fine, I’m going to try with the CNAME

  • A single domain yes, is that I come from github, and this option was very comfortable for me to access a single domain.

GitHub pages have two domains: one managed by GitHub, and one (or more, actually) you can add if you want a custom domain.

On github I achieve the behavior I want.

When trying to access rucko24.github.io I am redirected to domain A

I can’t do with gitlab

So, your actual question is: “I would like to redirect https://rucko24.gitlab.io/blog to https://rubn0x52.com, is that possible?”

The answer is “unfortunately, you cannot”: there is an open issue about this, you can take a look and leave a comment: Redirect from GitLab pages URL to custom domain when one exists (#14243) · Issues · GitLab.org / GitLab · GitLab

Thanks a lot @rpadovani

I agree with @rpadovani : what you want is not possible.

But I don’t get why you want it. You can just ignore the github.io name, it will show the same as https://rubn0x52.com/, but I don’t see how anybody should come to know that.

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If you don’t advertise the gitlab.io address anywhere, e.g. as a reference URL, the search engine bots won’t pick it up and you don’t have to worry about SEO. everyonecancontribute.com is a GitLab Pages hosted domain for example, and you won’t easily find its gitlab.io host unless you explicitly look for it.