Why does my fork need to configure gitlab-ci for a merge request?


I have gitlab ce 8.10.2 installed and gitlab-ci enabled on a few repositories.
From our main repo, lets just call it A we have multiple forks.
In A we have a gitlab-ci.yml file that triggers the build process when needed.
A runner is configured for A and the build process works fine.
So far so good.
However, if I make some changes and commit them into a branch in fork B and I want to merge this back into A the following happens.
On B gitlab-ci tries to start the build process, but stays in pending as no runner is configured for B, and in my opinion this should not be needed, right? However, as on B the build process stays in the state pending I do not have any feedback on the submitted merge request.

My question is now this: Why do I need to enable the gitlab-ci builds on the forks and not just on the upstream repo?
Or am I doing something completely wrong here?
Thank you in advance for any insight.


According to documentation- http://docs.gitlab.com/ce/ci/runners/README.html#sts=Forks:

Whenever a project is forked, it copies the settings of the jobs that relate to it. This means that if you have shared runners setup for a project and someone forks that project, the shared runners will also serve jobs of this project.

Probably, you don’t have shared runners set up.


you are right. I had specific runners set up. I removed them, created a shared runner and now it seems to be working as expected.
Thank you for your help.