Why everybody is silent? Nobody reply post?

I’ve seen alot of post with zero replies. Why?
No help for Newbie alot asking question. I’ve moved from github to gitlab because of Opensource and free software agreement. I’ve got problem, Nobody looks this problem and also thousands of others.

Please be active in community…
I guaranteed if you help newbie , they will help others… They will tell their friends to use gitlab, they will tell their family, teachers to use gitlab. They are essential component of marketing.
I’ve came from github to gitlab , because of opensource/free. I’m sure alot of institutions would use because of this instead of any Proprietary software.
I will also try harder people to use opensource gitlab platform.
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no replies

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You just need to be patient and give people time to respond.

If you wish for faster response there are paid support options. Remember people who are on the forums help for free. So you just need to be patient.


Because of no replies in others posts , I got feared if it will happen in my too and started to write post about it.

It is unfortunate that opensource projects have no good way to earn money. But still some services are getting way .

I am thankful to that.

While I understand that this is OSS project, what I dont understand is:

  • why GitLab team is so slow to respond ( if at all ),
  • the rationale behind FOSS and paid support ( but its another case )

While GitLab remains an open-source alternative to github, it still requires massive resources. As a community we try to understand that the community version of GitLab (gitlab-ce) is community maintained and that the paid developers help us out of the goodness of their hearts. They have families to feed just like we do and they put bread on the table through paid support options etc. The fact that we have a team who is willing to help with the community edition of their project even though they are not getting paid is absolutely fantastic. I love that they are able to turn a profit while remaining open source. consider all of the things that the GitLab team gives us for free: hosted test runners, free private repositories, free ci/cd, you can even host your own instance of GitLab with the GitLab community edition!

So let’s not chastise the GitLab team, Because from my perspective, they are our saving grace from Microsoft. Instead let’s work on building up the GitLab community so that we can help one another the way we do on stack overflow. If we do this, we work toward a future where GitLab overtakes GitHub in market share, and open source wins again.