Why i can't connect to Gitlab through SSH?

Hi everyone,
i have installed a local Gitlab in Portainer CE on Asustor.
I used putty to try to connect via SSH with the right port to Gitlab but it’s respond with “no supported authentication methods available (server sent publickey)”. I try to create a new SSH key and i put it on gitlab without success. On the Asustor the service of SSH is active in fact when i try to connect via SSH to the Asustor, it’s responde correctly. I used port 22 for SSH of Asustor and port 49165 for SSH of Gitlab. Anyone can help me?

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I suggest using a supported method of installing Gitlab. Portainer isn’t in the documentation as a supported option.

Install Gitlab normally on a server, or utilise docker without any extras like Portainer which could be the source of the problem. Providing you follow the official Gitlab documentation then it should work fine. Utilising something else that isn’t supported like portainer doesn’t help and probably why nobody has replied to your post.

Follow this: Download and install GitLab | GitLab