Why Is GitLab Pages Not Working For Me?

For the life of me I cannot get GitLab pages to work, I am attempting to make the move from GitHub pages to GitLab pages due to the fact that all of my projects are stored here on GitLab repositories.

GitHub was so easy, just name the repo with your username and the extension, add your website files and bish-bash-bosh, the site was live! I wish it were simple here but no matter what I do, I can't get this working.

The Issue:

When I create the repository (using the following methods) it builds using the CI thing and passes the pipeline, but then I navigate to "Settings > Pages" and no page URL is shown, so I navigate to the link "ronansmith.gitlab.io" I get a 404 error.

My Attempts:

These attempts are based on various pages of documentation, GitLab own tutorial videos on the subject. I don't mention it, but Runners are automatically activated.

Attempt 1 - Creation of Own Repo:

  1. Created repository with name ronansmith.gitlab.io.
  2. Added CI config .yaml file to root of repo with HTML preset.
  3. Added "public" directory to root, added an index.html file inside with generic hello world page.
  4. Let the CI build the deployment (ends with "passed"), go to pages, no URL shown.

Attempt 2 - Fork From Example:

  1. Fork example repository "plain-html".
  2. Remove fork link (forgot the real name)
  3. Rename in settings to my username.gitlab.io
  4. edit readme and push to start build, build completes.
  5. Still no URL.

I don't know what I am doing wrong, as far as I know I am doing everything by the book and didn't know what tutorials docs were actually up to date.

Help appreciated, many thanks.


+1 this is also happening to me!

Exact same thing here

I got the same issue

This also affects my repo on Framagit: https://framagit.org/staticman-gitlab-pages/minimal-mistakes-demo.

I am also getting this issue.