Why is my MR code review comment hidden from (unseen by, invisible to) the requester?

I have added a comment to the sourcecode changes of a Merge Request from my colleague.
My colleague who requested the merge cannot see my comment on his view of the MR. I can see the comment and the “Pending comment” count shows as 1.

Here is what I see:

Here is what he sees:

I am on gitlab.com GitLab Enterprise Edition 15.6.0-pre 19ffd3053d6

So far I have searched Google and this forum for others talking about the same issue but have been unable to identify such a conversation, suggesting that I’m doing something obviously wrong, but not obvious enough for me to solve it without help.

What am I missing?

I think you might have missed to click on Finish Review. All your comments are still Pending :wink:

Kind regards