Why is there a redirect when I try to access my Gitlab Pages site?

I used to have my personal blog on Github. However, I would like to always keep the source code of my blog private. My subscription as student will end there this year and I think I will not be able to renew it. So, I thought about publishing my blog here, with Gitlab, where you have unlimited private repos, if I understood correctly, although there may be some limit on how large it can be. Anyway, I did that, and my blog is now up. However, when I try to access it at https://nbro.gitlab.io/, I am first redirected to the actual site.

Here’s a screenshot of the page that I see before seeing my site.

Why is this happening and how can I avoid this intermediate step/delay?

I don’t want people to have to deal with this redirect. I want people to immediately get to the site when they access that URL.

Could this be because “Force HTTPS (requires valid certificates)” is enabled?

The repo is private and here GitLab Pages access control | GitLab it says “Everyone, both logged into and logged out of GitLab, is able to browse the website, no matter their project membership.” when the repo is private, so the fact the repo is private shouldn’t, in theory, be the problem.

By the way, this doesn’t seem to happen once I’ve already accessed the site the first time. However, after a while (I don’t know exactly how much), this issue happens again the first time I access the site.