Why jira integration triggered CAPTCHA?

Hello Everyone,

I am tracking a strange jira integration issue, and the troubleshooting is now stuck, hoping for some help.

Background Information:

The gitlab version I am using is 12.6.1-ee , and the jira version is v7.5.3 .

In the past year, the jira integration has been working properly. The password of the jira account expired last month (the password for security reasons will expire in one year). After updated the password in service template , the jira account was still found to be CAPTCHA . After some digging, i found some project was setting jira integration config before service template , so only updating the Service template will not affect the configuration in the project.

I learned from https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-foss/issues/40921 that all JiraService properties can be updated through database. I also updated JiraService properties using this method. In fact, after the database is updated, everything works fine.

But next day my colleague found that the function was disabled, I found that the jira account CAPTCHA again. I checked the integrations_json.log and found a strange problem. The same project, the same request, before each Successfully posted request, there will be one or more wrong Unauthorized requests, as shown below.

I think these Unauthorized requests eventually lead to the jira account CAPTCHA , but why is this happening? In the same project, JiraService properties are the same, and eventually may be Successfully posted , but Unauthorized will also appear before, I am stuck here now, hoping for some help.


any information will be appreciated