Why unnecessary pages of my websites being indexing in search engine

hey there,
I have recently noticed that some of the pages, ( i think not pages i don’t know what are these) is indexing.
I have 2 WordPress websites, I have done almost pretty good SEO of theme, I have indexed all the important posts and page i didn’t index any garbage pages but how they indexed automatically.
though my other important pages are indexed, still I want to know is there any negative impact of those garbage pages on my sites, i don’t want to waste my hard work, I have spent almost 4 months to establish these sites.
the sites I am working on: Crassulacare, paintballmaskarena how can I deindex them, should I make a robot.txt file for them,
please give me a proper solution, i have attached an screenshot of that pages please lets have a look
THANKS in Advance.