Why was my account blocked?

I went to go to my account today and I can’t login (johnmanko). I’m getting the following message:

“Your account has been blocked. Please contact your GitLab administrator if you think this is an error.”

I haven’t done anything that could have caused this. WTH, guys! I have a bunch to projects I want to migrate from github to gitlab after I convert to a paid plan.

Please restore my account.

I was blocked also.

I did not receive any notice from Gitlab and now can not access my repo’s.

Opened a ticket but have not received a response yet.

You might wish to contact support @ gitlab.com to discuss this, there have been requests before on the forum relating to logins, etc, so this is what I suggest.

I’m seriously considering a lawsuit to open up discovery if this isn’t resolved. They have my content. This is theft.

Blocking your account is not theft. Contact Gitlab support directly:

I already did. No response.

Please give them time to respond.

as per the link, depending on support levels there is an SLA, and response times accordingly. For free accounts you just have to wait. People have done it this way before and have been successful. Until you know the reason for the account blockage, you cannot accuse anyone of theft or anything else. Your account could have been blocked because someone attempted too many times to login as you. I am sure Gitlab Support when they respond will be able to clear it up.

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The wider GitLab community is unable to answer inquiries about blocked accounts, only GitLab team members are able to assist with this type of question. As such, discussion on this subject should take place privately in a Support Ticket.

@jmanko GitLab Support has received your ticket about this. Please allow some time for a Support Team member to reply, future correspondence on this will place in the ticket.

@Kenny, please submit a Support ticket about this using the link @iwalker has shared.

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As I said originally “Opened a ticket but have not received a response yet.”

You probably did not see it because I had to log in with a different email since my account is blocked.


Hi @Kenny,

Thanks for clarifying. I can confirm we have received your Support ticket and we are looking into this for you now. Please allow some time for Support to get a reply out. Future correspondence on this take place in the Support ticket.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Fair enough, but it’s very disturbing that GitLab would not even notify us. Something nefarious is afoot - you have a bad actor in your organization.

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I have same problem.

I decided to change my gitlab password to more complex one and now i cannot login to gitlab nor do anything really:


remote: ========================================================================


remote: Your account has been blocked.


remote: ========================================================================


fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

This might be because of some characters i put into password, like ` : ; &, but idk.

I can’t even send confirmation link again nor password reset, no mail is coming to my mail.

I opened a ticket but no one answers.

@AlinaTucholka it shouldn’t be because of the special characters. Mine works fine with such characters in gitlab. Please wait patiently for Gitlab support to reply to your ticket as they are the only ones who can help. Forum users such as myself cannot help with this, only Gitlab employees.

Well, I got a response from GitLab support:

Hello John,

Thank you for reaching out.

Your account has been blocked as a result of a Code of Conduct Violation report we received implicating the following project(s) on your account:


Below are the required steps to take in order to reinstate the account:

Agree to completely remove the reported content from your Gitlab.com account within 24 hours. 

Once we receive confirmation to complete the actions required, we will remove the block placed on your account to allow you to remove the reported content. It is important to note that within this 24 hour period that the content should be completely removed from your gitlab.com account.
The content has been made private as a result of this report.

Your request will be reviewed again by a member of our Trust and Safety team within 24 hours (excluding weekends).

If you have any additional questions, please reply directly to this ticket.

Trust and Safety

Now, I just have to figure out which files I need to delete. I definitely want to be in compliance with the “Code of Conduct,” even though I still don’t know where that code is located for me to read. Here is my reply:


Thank you for getting back to me. I want to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to correct any “Code of Conduct” issues with my account. Certainly, I want to be in compliance. I agree to remove all identified content that violates the “Code of Conduct.”

First, it should be pointed out that I didn’t publish any of the content referenced in that repo. I simply “forked” it from another repo. How could my account be locked for actions of another? I assumed that GitLab’s hosting of that information, and allowing me to fork it, wasn’t entrapment, correct? I can’t be responsible for all content of other users, can I?

Second, it’s my understanding that all content is either public domain and/or unconfirmed. Are you confirming that this content is authentic, accurate and confidential? What if the reporter is falsely accusing me of violating your “Code of Conduct?” Do I have any recourse to appeal and challenge those claims? Can anyone report anyone and have content removed, or accounts blocked, without challenge?

Lastly, in order to fulfill your request, I need to know a few things.

First, I cannot find any “Code of Conduct” for users on your website. The only “Code of Conduct” I can locate is CODE OF BUSINESS CONDUCT AND ETHICS FOR DIRECTORS, OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES AND CONTRACTORS. For users, like myself, there is a Terms of Use, which lists the following enumerated points:

  • Engaging in illegal or fraudulent activities.

  • Infringing upon others’ intellectual property rights.

  • Distributing harmful or offensive content that is defamatory, obscene, abusive, an invasion of privacy or harassing.

  • The distribution of malicious/commercial Spam.

  • Violating the security or integrity of any computer, network or communications system.

  • Taxing Gitlab resources with activities such as cryptocurrency mining.

  • Conducting external scans of any kind against GitLab.com infrastructure without written permission from GitLab.

If you can point to the rule in the “Terms of Use” that I’ve violated, I will correct that or make an appeal to reconsider.

In addition, I need to know which content in the referenced repo is purported to be in violation, so that I can delete it. Here is all of the content of that repo:


As you can see, there isn’t much. Can you identify the file(s) you’d like me to delete, what “Terms of Use” rules were violated, and how the rules were violated so I can be sure not have that happen again?

Once again, thank you for taking the time to contact me. I look forward to meeting all of your expectations regarding your “Code of Conduct” (wherever that may be defined) and/or “Terms of Use.”

-John Manko

The mystery continues. Thank you everyone for helping me get this resolved!

From my point of view, I would just remove the entire repo that you forked that has been the source of the problem. Since this only occured once you had done this, so it’s unlikely to be any other repo. I doubt very much they are going to say a particular file, but rather every single file in that particular repo.

Like copyright issues, which are a bit more clearcut, this happens a lot on gitlab/github. Someone for example forks an open-source project, but removes the copyright for the source of the original project rather than listing the previous copyright for the forked code, plus their own for any subsequent changes they make. Once the original project finds out about this, the people who forked it can have their project blocked and removed. This is a bit similar to this in the sense that it is leaked information that wasn’t privvy to the people it was distributed to, eg: on this gitlab repo which you then forked. I’m not a lawyer or anything, but to be honest it really isn’t worth fighting over.

Or another example. Sintel was a film made by the Blender foundation. It got blocked on youtube, because of a take-down claim by a certain film company which had it on their HD/4K demo channels despite the fact that they were not the owners of the media. Unfair yes, difficult to win, yes. A lot of people on youtube who have had takedowns have been unable to monetise their profiles despite attempts to prove otherwise.

When abusive activity or content is reported to us, our Trust & Safety team will work to review it and take appropriate actions to mitigate risks to the account, users, our community, and GitLab. You can see our acceptable use policy here. Recently we received multiple reports that some users were violating our acceptable use policy. Reviewing the reports confirmed that the reported users were indeed in breach of our acceptable use policy. As a result, we applied standard mitigations that block the user accounts and remove offending content from public view.

Relevant blog post: https://about.gitlab.com/blog/2020/10/29/how-we-work-to-detect-and-mitigate-spam/

We define abuse as the use of GitLab products/services in a way that causes harm, including the distribution of prohibited content. This is covered under Section 3 of the GitLab website Terms of Use. Prohibited Content includes distributing harmful or offensive content that is defamatory, obscene, abusive, harassing, or an invasion of privacy (eg. distributing Personally Identifiable Information, or information obtained from a data breach). You can learn more about how we classify abuse in our handbook.

@jmanko Members of the GitLab Community forum are unable to assist you with issues related to abuse reports and account status. To respect your privacy, it’d be best if future discussion and questions on your account status takes place privately in the Support ticket.

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