Will gitlab-ce mattermost work on a Ubuntu VM hosted on M2 Mac

Hi, I’m trying to migrate out installation of gitalb-ce including mattermost from a digital ocean ubuntu droplet to a bare metal machine - specifically a M2 mac mini. I just found this in documentation " Each release of GitLab Mattermost is compiled and manually tested on an AMD 64 chipset for Linux. ARM chipsets and operating systems, like Raspberry Pi, are not supported." So is it not possible to run mattermost in this situation? I’ve migrated everything over to the VM running on the M2, and can gitlab-ce is up perfectly, but I can’t get mattermost up, I get a 502 bad gateway. I’ve tried running mattermost with and without ssl, but no luck. If the answer is no, would mattermost work if run in a docker container?

Mattermost currently only supports any 64-bit x86 processor architecture. Because of this, you cannot run Mattermost on ARM processors (like M1/M2 Macs)

If/when Mattermost officially supports ARM, we have issues to discuss adding arm64 version of Mattermost to GitLab here:

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