Workspaces agent fails reconciliation loop

I’ve spun up a microkube k8s swarm and gotten the agent working, it seems to connect to my gitlab instance just fine, but it’s failing its reconciliation loop because the api call it is making is 404ing, and it doesn’t know what to do about that

I’ve got everything behind a reverse proxy so things might be a little wonky because of that, but this particular problem doesn’t seem related to that necessarily.

Here’s the logs from the agent trying to run its reconciliation

{"level":"info","time":"2024-01-24T23:59:11.946Z","msg":"starting partial update","mod_name":"remote_development","agent_id":1}
{"level":"debug","time":"2024-01-24T23:59:11.946Z","msg":"Running reconciliation loop","mod_name":"remote_development","agent_id":1}
{"level":"debug","time":"2024-01-24T23:59:11.946Z","msg":"Making GitLab request","mod_name":"remote_development","agent_id":1}
{"level":"debug","time":"2024-01-24T23:59:12.035Z","msg":"Made request to the Rails API","mod_name":"remote_development","status_code":404,"request_id":"01HMYYKP36E9Y8R60R29Z239CH","duration_in_ms":88,"agent_id":1}
{"level":"debug","time":"2024-01-24T23:59:12.035Z","msg":"Reconciliation loop ended","mod_name":"remote_development","agent_id":1}
{"level":"error","time":"2024-01-24T23:59:12.035Z","msg":"Remote Dev - partial sync cycle ended with error","mod_name":"remote_development","error":"unexpected status code: 404","agent_id":1}

Specifically it’s looking for api/v4/internal/kubernetes/modules/remote_development/reconcile according to my reverse proxy logs.

When I go there myself, I get a 404, and in the documentation I can’t find any mention of that API path.

What’s gone wrong? I appear to be the only person online that has this problem, since my googling has turned up nothing