Wrong kubernetes configuration after upgrading to silver plan

We wanted to support additional environments. We have one kubernetes cluster per environment. When we upgraded to silver plan (gitlab.com hosted) the kubernetes cluster information url, cert, token to unknown values and additional clusters for new env have that same unknown values.

I cannot point the cluster to my cluster. But the original working cluster that has wrong cluster information after the upgrade is still deploys the correct cluster. I can verify by looking at the ci deploy stage which runs ‘kubectl config view’

What is going on?

Weird. I just checked again. The values are correct now.

Its happening again about 1hr ago. Kubernetes cluster are displaying the wrong information. As well Setting > repository > Mirroring repositories
There’s a red icon if I hoover over it ‘you are not allowed to push code to protected branches on this project’

I cannot force a refresh.

Im subscribed to silver tier.
Was a new release deployed ?

The free version was stable.