X-Ray for GitLab Admins / 2nd November 2023

DevOps & Security Leaders, ready for GitProtect third DevSecOps X-Ray edition :rocket: bringing a bunch of news and events you can’t miss this November? 3… 2… 1… Go!

:books: News & Resources

Free Ebook :rocket: | The Ultimate Guide to GitLab Backup
Our new handy GitLab Backup Guide sheds light on top reasons for DevOps data loss and the real cost of outages, ways to build cyber resilience for GitLab data, mitigating risks and outages, and of course - backup best practices!

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Blog post :memo: | Enterprise-scale security and compliance policy management in the AI era
GitLab delves into the significance of enterprise-scale security and compliance, emphasizing the role of artificial intelligence in enhancing these aspects.

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Blog post :memo: | Git 2.42 release: Here are four of our contributions in detail
In this detailed step-by-step tutorial, we will go through the GitLab backup best practices to empower developers, ops, IT leaders, and security professionals with the best tips to protect source code, eliminate data loss, ensure development and business continuity as well as security compliance.

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Blog post :open_book: | Automated Security for DevOps
Exploring the integration of automated security in DevOps, this article sheds light on how it can transform and secure your development lifecycle.

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Blog post :open_book: | What is a Hybrid Backup Strategy for GitOps
Explore the origins and prominence of the shift left testing approach from the early to mid-2010s and its implications for businesses.

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:date: Upcoming Events

Webinar :studio_microphone: | Intro to CI/CD | Tue, Nov 14
Join us to understand the essence of CI/CD and its advantages for your team. This webinar will cover a comprehensive overview of CI/CD, its representation in GitLab, and guide you through setting up your first CI/CD pipeline in GitLab, complemented by the basics of GitLab Runners.

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Webinar :studio_microphone: | Security & Compliance | Tue, Nov 28
GitLab empowers developers and security professionals to collaborate seamlessly in a unified platform, emphasizing proactive security or “shifting left”. Dive into what GitLab offers, understand how scan results integrate with merge requests, and explore the Security Dashboard’s functionalities to manage vulnerabilities effectively.

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Webinar :studio_microphone: | Getting Started with DevOps Metrics | Tue Nov 28
Come learn about DevOps metrics in GitLab and why it is useful to track them. This session will provide an overview of DORA metrics, Value Stream Analytics, and Insight dashboards, and demonstrate their implementation in GitLab.

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