You are not allowed to upload code

I have a repo that has been working fine for a log time.
Yesterday I started getting the message “You are not allowed to upload code.”
I have changed my SSH and tokens for GitLab.
I created a new repo and have no problems reading/writing to it.
Does anyone have an idea what may be going on with this one repo?

Go to the project information and members. What permissions do you have to that repository?

Thanks for your help!.

For Source it says Direct Member
For Max Role it says Owner.
No expiration date.
Access granted 3 months ago.

And for Settings → Repository → Protected Branches?

If you haven’t changed anything or if someone else who has access didn’t change anything, then it shouldn’t have stopped working.

The setting for Protected Branches on the trouble repo is the same as on the repo that is working correctly.

I will go through and compare settings on all features for both repos since they should be identical.