403 error while use GitHub and webhook

I’ve tried to use repository from GitHub and start it by webhook. I’ve received an error below:
“Hook executed successfully but returned HTTP 403 Cookies must be enabled to use GitHub.”

If it will be necesery, it is a link with my repository:

How to resolve this problem? Where should I enable cookies?

I’m getting the same error and it’s a little worrying that over 2 years later, there is still no reply to your question. I’m trying to learn Gitlab but it’s not made easy when the forum is a ghost town and the response from issues filed about errors in the official documentation is tumbleweeds :roll_eyes:

Perhaps it’s to do with the fact that github integration is a “PREMIUM” only feature. So anyone evaluating Gitlab will not be able to even try this using the free job runners to see what it’s like, I guess :face_exhaling:

Well you can use premium functionality for a limited period by enabling the trial features. After that a premium subscription can be purchased.