A 500 error occurred when accessing the wiki (Internal Server Error)

Hello. I got a 500 error while using Gitlab.

When I access the Wiki for that project, I get a 500 error. URL : https://gitlab.com/interezen/knowledge/song-camp-2nd/-/wikis/home Project name: song-camp-2nd

All other features except wiki are accessible normally. I did not change any settings such as permissions. About a week ago, I suddenly became unable to access the wiki for that project. Other users’ accounts in the project also give a 500 error when accessing that wiki.

Error information: GET https://gitlab.com/interezen/knowledge/song-camp-2nd/-/wikis/home 500 (Internal Server Error)

The same behavior occurs in various browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge). I also deleted cache and cookies, but the same phenomenon occurs.

Immediate action is required.

Could be because of this: https://status.gitlab.com/

Try again when the issues here have been fixed.