A new repository to deploy Gitlab runners with the AWS CDK

Hello everyone!

I just published an open source repository to deploy runners on AWS, that I’ve been working on for the last few months:

Check it out!

If you decide to use it, or have any questions, post here, or open an issue.

Thanks for creating this valuable resource. :slight_smile:

Note for visibility: I have edited your post and removed the public email address to avoid spam/scams, and instead invited folks to post here on this platform.


@PbVrCt As @dnsmichi said, best not to publicise contact details. The best way is via continuing the talk in this thread that you opened - it gives more visibility to lots of other forum community members to take part and share their ideas. Also helps so that people don’t repeat the same views/ideas when others also see what others have posted.

The forum also has DM/PM functionality so private messages can be sent using that function - and you would receive email alerts that someone wrote to you on this forum privately.

That said, you also have the issues that people can also publicly view and open on the repository, so in reality private communication isn’t the most ideal method. The more public the ideas are shared, the more interest in your project and repository for people to utilise it.

It’s best to encourage involvement publicly :slight_smile:

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Alright, thank you both for the heads up.

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