A place to post requests and bug reports for the whole group (not within a project)

Is there a special page when in the home of our team to post tickets related to general issues, feature requests or bug reports that do not match a project but are meant group-wise?

These ‘posts’ should then be visible to all members and let them a chance to answer and record when they take the job.

For instance discuss the creation of a non existing project and collect opinions and commitments from the other group members

The Issues page on the home requires that one selects a project so this is not what I need.


At the moment is not possible, but Gitlab is aware of the problem of having projects-only features, so they have created a working group to tackle the problem: https://about.gitlab.com/company/team/structure/working-groups/simplify-groups-and-projects/

Expect improvements in next months :slight_smile:

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