Ability to suspend merge request pipeline if another unresolved merge request exists

We are using pipeline triggers when a merge request is created for staging server, which is nice.
The problem is when multiple merge requests are created, and pipelines would run for each of them.
What I want to achieve is that when a merge request is created, triggering the pipeline gets postponed until all previously created merge requests are no longer open. It helps me to review each MR individually and more accurately and test it without changes from other MRs in the way.
Is there a way to do it automatically? Or should I remove the MR pipeline trigger altogether and run it for each merge request manually? Any other suggestions are welcomed too.
If doing it manually is my only option, then how should I do that (If it’s possible at all)? Please explain what exactly should I do in this case (I’m new to GitLab). I guess I should be able to run pipeline for any merge request, on demand.

I’m using GitLab Community Edition [v16.11.2]

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