Account is locked

Hello how are you?

My account is blocked and I can’t access my repos.
Two step verification with google aunthenticator now tells me that the codes are incorrect. But it always worked fine. I uninstalled the google aunthenticator app and reinstalled it and it’s still the same. I don’t have ssh verification codes.
Can someone help me to solve this big problem?


Unfortunately no, nobody here on the forum can help, since we aren’t Gitlab Administrators. Gitlab also don’t offer account resets or 2FA resets for free users. There are already lots of posts on this forum that already cover this with the same answer. Please search first before posting repeat questions.

You can try opening a support ticket, maybe you will be lucky.

Alternatively, if you had an SSH key uploaded to your account, you can generate 2FA codes:

ssh 2fa_recovery_codes