Activate Admin Mode in GitLab 14

I cannot find any documentaton how to activate admin mode.

Admin Mode was a new feature in GitLab 13.10

Admin Mode is feature flagged until 13.11

Does this mean the feature it is activated?
Or do I still need to fiddle with the configuration somehow?

This feature is available behind feature flag :user_mode_in_session

As per the docs: Sign-in restrictions | GitLab

enable the admin mode option. I found it real easy with Google.

Well I did a Google Search. Could not find anything other than the original announcement for the release.

It does not seem they have fixed the issue with Admin Mode when using LDAP and 2FA.

Yeah LDAP might be an issue, I expect it’s probably just for the internal user database. Possibly more difficult with LDAP to do it I guess. I’m guessing that the internal db has a timestamp stored to check against, but when using LDAP, it’s not using the internal user db, so it cannot reference anything. Could be wrong though.

The issue is closed, but does not seem fixed in GitLab 14

It’s OK on my test install - just enabled the option, but then I’m not using LDAP, so unable to verify/test any further since I don’t have a working AD/LDAP for this. I don’t have so many users, so it’s not necessary for me.

Perhaps opening an issue/re-opening the previous one to get Gitlab Team to take a look?

I will probably open a support ticket for this.
Admin Mode is a welcoming feature.

I am used to it working with Atlassian JIRA, where I have to auth my self every time I need to perform my admin duties.

Does Admin Mode work on command line with git?
As GitLab Admin I have access to do everything with every git repositories. As a Developer I have only roles in a few projects.

As far as I’m aware I expect it’s only to do with the url from the web interface. I don’t know any admin features that can be changed using git from the command line. The only other stuff admin-related can be changed using the API as far as I remember.

The bug with LDAP and Admin Mode has now been fixed in GitLab 14.1.0

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