Activate omniauth feature in gitlab on openshift


For a Proof of concept, we are installing gitlab under our own okd bare-metal install. We used latest version of openshift and gitlab operator even if we know that they may not be compatible.
Basically, our gitlab is working correctly except that we would like it to allow login through the keycloak instance also working under openshift.
I added to the gitlab instance yaml the following section :

          autoLinkSamlUser: false
          enabled: true
            - args:
                client_auth_method: query
                  identifier: gitlab
                  redirect_uri: >-
                        key: token
                        name: gitlab-keycloak
                uid_field: preferred_username
                name: openid_connect
                discovery: true
                  - openid
                  - profile
                  - email
                response_type: code
                issuer: ''
                send_scope_to_token_endpoint: 'false'
                pkce: true
              label: Provider name
              name: openid_connect

But I can’t get the omniauth feature to be activated.
Capture d’écran 2023-08-23 à 13.40.27

Maybe my other parameters are not set properly even if, according to the documentation I read, it seems fine but, anyway, at least, I would expect the feature to be activated and probably seeing errors somewhere… but nothing…