Adding a admin to my GitLab Ultimate subscription

I’ve started a Gitlab Ultimate trial, to check if it fits my organization needs.
I want to add one of our employees as an admin who can create new groups, invite new members, etc.
Is that possible? I haven’t found the admin panel mentioned in some of the docs and I wonder if it’s not accessible for me for some reason

Hi @b_ams

if you are using there is no Admin Panel. Admin Panel is only in self-hosted instances.
For SaaS offering you just need to add/invite the user as member of your root group<your-group> with Owner role.

Thanks for the reply!
In that case, will he be able to create new groups?

If you mean sub-groups in your root/1st-level Group, yes.

Maybe I didn’t understand well the hierarchy & terminology.
When I start an “ultimate” account - it’s applied only on a SINGLE group?
I have 2 groups under my account(not sub-groups), and I thought that admin users can add more groups with different members.
Attaching an image:

Yes, on the subscription is linked to single root/1st-level Group. If you create another root/1st-level group you need to buy subscription again for that Group. If you grant single user access to multiple Groups you need to pay for a seat in each Group. That’s why you usually have single root/1st-level Group for a company and create sub-groups in there for teams/departments/divisions.

It works differently if you run self-hosted GitLab instance, but I think this is not the case.