After no response from Gitlab support (twice!) - Employees required to input credit card to run pipelines

After trying to contact your support with this matter twice with no response, I am trying here.

We use Gitlab internally for all of our company’s code base. Weirdly, every new employee that joins us, is required to input their credit card for them to be able to run pipelines. While I understand this is a measure to protect against crypto mining and stuff like that, it is not a reasonable request from each new company employee, for companies using Gitlab as their main platform for code and CI/CD. I have no problem to have my corporate credit card cover all of my employees instead. We really like the platform, but still didn’t find ourselves in need to pay for the non-free version of it and I am not even sure if that will be enough to get rid of this issue.

I would appreciate any solution to overcome this issue without asking my employees to input their personal credit card.


HI @omrihaviv

I don’t think there’s a solution yet. There have been other threads on this forum, but I believe GitLab is considering this. There is a survey that you can fill in, also.

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In addition to what @snim2 posted, one of the Gitlab team have posted here on the crypto mining post that is related to all this:


Thanks for sharing. I’ll follow. Indeed sounds like a better solution.