Credit card check inconsistently required for repos for a new developer in a group


We have experienced a strange issue with the new crypto security measure. A new developer was added to an existing group, and projects, when pushing to one repo the pipeline ran correctly, however, after a push to another random repository within the same group and project has the pipeline failing with the message shown in the screenshot below:

The group is using free pipeline minutes, in theory everything about the two repos should be the same, however, the credit card check is required for one not the other, does anyone have an idea on what else could possibly be affecting this?

I saw that some people had the same problem in other posts, but no real solution was suggested/found

Has the user gone through validation?

No, the user hasn’t been validated, which is why it’s strange to me that he can trigger the pipeline in one repo but not the other

No idea, that sounds like a bug, but under the new rules I believe the new user does need to validate themselves. Hopefully that’ll fix it.