After restoring backup on a new instance repository throwing 500 error

I have recently backed up my self-managed GitLab 13.1.4-ee and restored it on a fresh install of the same version on a different machine the problem I am having is that after I have restored my backup it throws 500 error whenever I try to open the repository.


After you restored, did you run:

gitlab-ctl reconfigure
gitlab-ctl restart

sometimes this can help fix minor anomalies. If still happening after this, check through the Gitlab logs under /var/log/gitlab, to see if you can find anything that might hint at why the problem is occuring. I’ve restored before, and it pretty much just works without issues, providing that the exact same release was installed for which the backup was taken from - which you seem to have done, so I don’t expect this to be the problem.

Let us know if the reconfigure helps.

Yes, I did run these commands after restoration. I have checked the /var/log/gitlab/gitlab-rails/production.log it throws the following error.

The ‘normal’ backup does not backup the config/* stuff. I had the same issue until I transferred the config/gitlab-secrets.json from source installation to the new installation. Got rid of the 500 errors, various sensitive content then rendered. Hope this helps.

Thanks, the issue is resolved.