Allow separate/dedicated Gravatar/Libravatar e-mail address

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Allow separate/dedicated Gravatar/Libravatar e-mail address. (#422561) · Issues · / GitLab · GitLab

Release notes

Added the ability to set separate Libravatar and Gravatar avatars per user.

Problem to solve

Some people prefer Gravatar, others Libravatar. Currently, they are bound to the decision of their administrator regarding which they are permitted to use for their account. Since both types of avatar acquisition exist, one should be able to serve as a fallback, and the user should be able to choose which is their primary preference (thus removing the ability to exclude one offering, at least by default).


Each user should be able to set a separate Libravatar and Gravatar avatar.

Intended users

Developers, presumably. Not many other people use Libravatar.

Feature Usage Metrics

I can’t assist with this.

Does this feature require an audit event?

Not to my knowledge.