Allow to handle issue weights for multiple user assignees differently to work Iterations

Note: We actually use hours for weights/story points. Using estimated/spent doesn’t work with Iteration (charts etc).

We need a way to handle so that the total weights add up for both the Iteration and when looking at an individual user that shares and issue with another user (i.e. two assignees).


  • The sprint has one issue #1 with weight 2
  • This issue has two assignees: user 1 and user 2
  • You have two boards:
  • Current Board (for Scrum Iteration): standard todo, doing, done
  • Team Planning (for Scrum Iteration): has a list for each user, 1 and 2, in the team
  • The total weight for Current Board will be: 2 (used for burndown/burnup etc)
  • The total weight for the two user lists on Team Planning will be 4 (2+2) although the task is shared between the two users. In our example the weights are hours. The issue takes 2 hours for two persons - not 4 hours.

Is there a way to handle this?