Always creating a new branch from a master branch is good or not?

Hi @kaushal_nec and others who read the post,

My question is that I have 5 different repositories depend on different projects right , and if I explain my 1 repository - that probably look like this

master branch

so I clone this project and the default branch is master right, so what should I do is that I want to add payment option to my project this means something newly gonna add to the source code right ,

1 . If I edit my source code should I create a new branch and doing is good or bad?
2. let’s say I want to edit a character in that so should I create a branch and doing is good or bad?

Hi @soldierMartin,

It’s always better to create a new branch for new updates or changes and then merge it accordingly to the actual master branch.
Reason: Suppose you’ve multiple users in your project and each of them has different changes or updates, then to avoid any conflicts between them creation of new branch for different changes is always a good thing.

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Thanks for the clarification :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: